New tools available to develop cross-platform games

Marmalade launches 2D Kit and 3D Kit

Marmalade has added two more toolsets to its offering in the form of dedicated 2D and 3D game creators.

Marmalade 2D Kit aims to make 2D development easier and more accessible, with an editor that uses a drag-and-drop interface to build levels, in-game overlays, menus and more. 

Content created can then be integrated into apps built with Marmalade Core using C++ or the Lua-based Marmalade Quick.

Meanwhile, Marmalade 3D Kit allows you to export models from Maya 3ds Max and other modelling tools with FBX support and turn them into assets that can be used in Core projects.

The kit’s middleware APIs also allow you add models to create complex 3D scenes, add lighting effect and animation, and handle in-game cameras.

Full documentation is available for both tools. You can find out more, and download the beta version of 2D Kit over at Marmalade’s site.

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