Playworld Superheroes in child-friendly new game from the founder of Motorstorm dev Evolution

Martin Kenwright’s Starship studio unveils first title

Liverpool-based studio Starship has lifted the lid on its first game, a mobile title for kids named Playworld Superheroes.

The game sees young players designing their own superhero in a virtual treehouse out of craft materials such as cardboard and paint. They then take on the role of that hero as they fend of alien invasions in a series of action-packed mini-games styled on Hollywood blockbusters.

To ensure the game is as child-friendly as possible, Starship has promised there will be no in-app purchases, nor the need to sign up for an account.

Starship is a UK developer founded by Martin Kenwright, who previously set up Motorstorm creator Evolution and BigBig Studios. Kenwright believes that styling the game on real-world materials will encourage imagination in young children.

"Where adults see just a cardboard box, a child sees a superhero suit," he said. "With the Playworld series, we want to empower that creativity by giving kids the coolest crafting package to create their ultimate alter-ego.

"That creativity is rewarded with a spectacular experience in which they act out their wildest superhero fantasies. Each instalment opens the doorway to a new world. Imagination truly is the greatest superpower and with it comes a world of endless possibility. We can’t wait to see the hero creations our fans bring to life."

Playworld Superheroes will be released for mobile devices in January 2015, with more entries in the series planned for the near future.

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