Develop '09: Parappa the Rapper designer also teases Vib Ribbon re-release

Matsuura: ‘We need global games ratings’

During his talk on ‘Music Games 2.0’ at the Develop Conference, Parappa the Rapper designer Masaya Matsuura has put forth the call for a ‘global’ games rating system.

"The issue of violence in games isn’t an easy one, and I wouldn’t suggest that all games should be family orientated," he said. "But there isn’t a good balance at the moment. Classifying that violence is an issue without borders, really – it’s something we need to tackle together."

He also showed off a new project, mobile phone rhythm-action title ens-ens, and hinted that the company would like to revisit the PlayStation classic Vib Ribbon.

When asked if NanaOn-Sha would consider doing a PSN version of the auto-generated rhythm-action game, Matsuura said: "Even though Vib Ribbon is almost ten years old, we still have many requests to remake the game. We’re thinking about it all the time, so please just wait a little longer."

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