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MCV Nordic website now live

Intent Media has launched its second international venture, with MCV Nordic now live.

The aim of MCV Nordic is simple: to become a trusted and prolific resource for news affecting all games industry sectors in the region.

The new website will be supported by a range of editorial email services.

Importantly, if you’re already registered with either MCV UK or MCV Pacific all you need to do in order to receive the MCV Pacific emails is to log in, go to your profile and tick the appropriate box.

In return you’ll get news, data and opinion from retail, publishing, format holders, development, media and all other relevant sectors within the Nordic region.

You call also follow MCV Nordic on Twitter and Facebook.

MCV Nordic’s editor is Mats Nylund, supported by a team of writers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

The sales and marketing exec is Christer Engstrom.

Intent Media’s managing director Stuart Dinsey said: "We have put together a team of dedicated local writers and are delighted with response so far from the Nordic region.

"MCV Nordic follows the success of MCV Pacific and the appiontment of a US editor for the main MCV site. Further international launches are on the way. It’s an exciting time for the global MCV brand."

To find out how MCV Nordic can support your business year-round across its online, email and social channels, contact Christer Engstrom here.

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