Metacritic pulls developer ratings

Just days after introducing its new individual developer ratings, reviews aggregation site Metacritic has pulled the plug on the service.

It does, however, intend to reinstate it in the future.

"Although our credits database is growing, as our users’ feedback has indicated, it is a work in progress and is not nearly as comprehensive as it needs to be to accurately provide a career score for these individuals," a statement read.

"As such, we have removed that career score from the pages dedicated to creative individuals behind games on Metacritic. We are still very much committed to building a credits database, and welcome your participation in that process."

Members of the MCV had noted such omissions earlier in the week.

For instance, former Sega developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi – who in recent times is best known for games such as Lumines, Rez and the upcoming Child of Eden – had a number of key titles missing from his Metacritic page. Most glaring were Sega Saturn classic Sega Rally and quirky Dreamcast hit Space Channel 5.

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