Players can now pay to protect their base in newly-launched online mode

Metal Gear Solid V adds insurance microtransactions

Offering players the chance to pay real-world cash for in-game insurance is just about bonkers enough to feel absolutely fitting for a Metal Gear Solid game.

Konami has announced that a game update released today (Tuesday October 6th) allows players to purchase an ‘FOB Insurance Service’. A player’s in-game Forward Operations Base can at time be invaded by rival players, who will rob it of staff and resources.

Purchasing the insurance means that while attackers will still make off with the wares, the player themselves will instantly have all items and personnel replaced.

The cost of the insurance is not yet known. Players can already pay real money to expand or build additional FOBs.

Once purchased, players are protected for a certain period of time. Items excluded from the protection include abducted staff being held in the brig, wounded staff, staff deployed by the player to defend the base and nuclear weapons.

Also coming as part of the update are ‘Event FOB’ missions. These are prepared by the developers and, unlike standard FOB raids, come with no risk of retaliation from rival players.

The new comes hot on the heels of microtransations being added to Destiny and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

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