Companies share app porting technology and swap notes on BREW

Metismo scores OpenPath partnership

Mobile app porting specialists Metismo and OpenPath have signed an agreement to work together in a number of areas.

Metismo is licensing its Bedrock platform to OpenPath – in return OpenPath will make its in-house BREW expertise available to Metismo to ensure support for such devices in Bedrock going forward.

To re-cap, Bedrock allows developers to create apps once and deploy them across a range of channels, encompassing the web, mobile devices and handheld consoles.

John Chasey, CEO of Metismo, said: “BREW continues to be an extremely successful platform and working with OpenPath we have access to technical resources based within the coverage of the biggest BREW carriers globally.

“The expertise and strong history of BREW development at OpenPath means that they are the best partner possible and will allow us to improve our BREW support to clients.”

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