Former producer claims the Midway management insisted on Strangleholdâ??s â??unnecessaryâ?? multiplayer

Midway Chicago â??forced to add multiplayerâ??

A former producer at the now-defunct Midway Chicago studio has claimed that the development team behind Stranglehold were forced to include multiplayer elements to the game.

Ex-Midway producer John Vignocchi, speaking as a guest on a Giant Bomb podcast, claimed that being forced to add typical game features was “something every game developer goes through”.

The comments, as transcribed by a Kotaku, suggest that Midway Chicago was unenthusiastic about including a multiplayer element in Stranglehold.

“I think if you ask every single person that worked on Stranglehold whether or not multiplayer was a necessity for that product, they would all say, ‘I wish we never did it’,” said Vignocchi.

“It was the worst part of the game, and it was something that executive management had said, ‘This has to be in the game’," he added.

“And no one wanted it, and it turned out the way it turned out.”

Midway Chicago was acquired as part of Warner’s $49 million buyout of the company.

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