Peter Molyneux on promise-spree for upcoming project

Milo tech ‘used in Fable The Journey’

Technology built in the famously axed Project Milo will be used in Lionhead’s new game Fable The Journey, Peter Molyneux has said.

Speaking at an industry event in Barcelona, Molyneux told a packed crowd that “we are using an enormous amount of Milo technology in Fable The Journey, and I think it’s going to be super special”.

Last week, Develop had heard from studio sources that Lionhead was not using Milo tech in Fable The Journey.

But Molyneux explained that Kinect technology – specifically what was created but never used in Milo – would be central to the experience.

He also said it was of critical importance to Fable The Journey that Kinect can read the player sitting down.

“If I want to tell the most amazing tale in the fable saga, you need to be relaxed,” he said. “That’s the most amazing thing about Fable The Journey, you can sit down and enjoy it.”

He again made it clear that the E3 demonstration of the game was not an ideal representation of what it offers.

“It is not an on-rails game,” Molyneux said before embarking on a level of hype and hyperbole that he has become famous and adored for.

“I want the game to tell you an amazing story. I want to make games that can make you cry, that can put a lump in your throat,” he began.

“We have spent a huge amount of time creating this horse and carriage simulation for Fable The Journey. We have a flexible control system, and the horse is one of the most wonderful things we have ever created. We’re giving you 300 miles to explore on your horse and carriage across Albion. And we have off-horse navigation, and it works fine.

“And the game has magic powers. I hate what controllers do to magic. They predetermine magic into a button. We want to give you the ability to weave magic like never before. Magic is created with your hands. You can pull it, you can stretch it, you can spin it, you can shoot it, you can make spears and hammers and fishing rods with it.”

Fable The Journey is due for release this year.

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