Free-to-download port of mobile edition will enable users to open up the game's code

Minecraft marches onto Raspberry Pi

Mojang’s hugely popular Minecraft is making its way to credit-card sized computer Raspberry Pi, the developer has revealed.

Dubbed Minecraft: Pi Edition, the free to download game will come with a revised feature set and support for multiple programming languages.

The title will be a port of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, which is currently available on iOS and Android.

Users will be able to use the tiny computer to “break open” the title’s code and manipulate various objects in the game world, as well as helping aspiring developers learn the fundamentals of programming.

“The possibilities are massive,” read a statement on the studio’s website.

“You could organise the cheapest LAN party of all time, or use the Pi to learn the fundamentals of programming on a minuscule budget. It’s like hacking your way into Minecraft and modifying the game world with code, a bit like being Notch, Jeb, or Nathan, but arguably more fun and less stressful.”

The Raspberry Pi is a $35 (£29.95) mini computer developed by charity organisation the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and was designed to help children get into programming by providing a cost-effective solution to computing.

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