'Full 3D games can now be run efficiently on the browser', says Stefano Corazza

Mixamo integrates Flare3D for Flash game creation

Animation outfit Mixamo now offers integration with Flare3D studio for 3D Flash development, it has been announced.

Animations created through Mixamo’s service can now be imported to Flare3D, which allows for the creation and transformation of custom materials in real-time, to create 3D browser-based games in Flash.

“Many Flash developers in the last few years have become more and more familiar with the usage of 3D assets,” said Mixamo CEO Stefano Corazza.

“Switching pipelines from 2D to 3D assets has sped up the pace of design iterations, but most Flash developers still “bake” the assets into 2D representations, which were handled more efficiently by the browser with Flash versions prior to 11.

“The combination of Adobe Flash Player 11, Flare3D studio, and Mixamo 3D content, full 3D games can now be run efficiently on the browser and can be designed directly in 3D with the help of Flare3D studio’s user interface.”

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