Huge savings promised as tech offerings partner

Mixamo secures Blender integration deal

3D character animation specialist Mixamo has secured a deal that will see it offer integrated support for Blender users.

The newly unveiled end-to-end workflow means Blender customers can now turn to Mixamo when looking to create character animations for 3D worlds, taking advantage of what promises to deliver a seamless process to add animations to characters crafted in Blender.

The workflow also caters for characters constructed using Mixamo’s Character Creator Suite.

“Mixamo is the first service to offer Blender users easy access to high-quality animations that can be customised and retargeted to any character in real-time,” says Mixamo co-founder and CTO, Stefano Corazza.

“With Mixamo, the Blender community can easily apply animations to any character in their 3D scenes by following a simple end-to-end workflow process that we developed.”

The integration is designed to offer Blender users an impressive 75 per cent saving in production times and an 80 per cent reduction in costs.

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