Online catalogue of animations â??guaranteedâ?? to work with DAZ Studio models

Mixamo stock added into Daz 3D models

Mixamo’s online catalogue of animations has been custom integrated to work with new character models being built and sold by Daz 3D.

Both groups say that every Mixamo motion is guaranteed to work with any character customised within the DAZ Studio, and claim this can improve productivity by up to 80 per cent and cut costs by 75 per cent.

“The addition of the Mixamo motion collection to our 3D human figures greatly enhances the level of 3D animated content that our community can create," said Dan Farr, DAZ Productions CEO.

“Due to the ease at which users can customize and apply any Mixamo motion to any DAZ 3D character, their ability to create professional animations for their 3D projects increases dramatically.”

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