Nintendo legend believes development of PS3 and 360â??s new controllers could threaten industryâ??s â??uniquenessâ??

Miyamoto blasé about Natal

Shigeru Miyamoto has brushed off the threat to Wii from Project Natal and PS3’s motion control system – claiming he is confident that Nintendo will once again discover ‘something unique’ for its next console.

Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine in its special 50th edition, Miyamoto said that Microsoft and Sony’s Wii-influenced motion control innovations risked making the industry less interesting to consumers.

When asked if Nintendo was worried by its rivals’ new control systems, he said: "We don’t look to the future in one direction only.

"When you say that one element of our uniqueness might have been lost, you don’t really have to be concerned about that, because Nintendo always tries to find something new. I hope you are looking forward to our challenge to discover this new uniqueness."

When asked if Wii had now lost its unique selling point, Miyamoto replied: "Well, I should say that it could be taken as a compliment if others are following suit, by saying Nintendo was right in choosing a certain direction. But if you ask me if that is going to be good for the entire business, I really don’t know."

"If everyone else is going to do exactly the same thing, unfortunately in this entertainment business that means less uniqueness, and uniqueness is what Nintendo has tried to realise."

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