E3â??09: New title targeted for 2010 launch, with Wii MotionPlus likely to be necessary to play the title

Miyamoto confirms new Wii Zelda in development

Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that a brand new Legend of Zelda game is in development for the Wii.

The famed game design veteran admitted he wanted to announce a new Zelda on Tuesday as Nintendo held its E3 press conference, but said that he would rather focus on developing the new game as opposed to presenting it.

However, Miyamoto did reveal a concept image for the next Zelda game. Eurogamer described it as “an oil painting-style image of Link”, featuring “a pale blue figure wearing a helmet in the foreground.”

Gamespot said that the image showed Link “in his Twilight Princess incarnation”, implying that the series will not return to the art direction of The Wind Waker.

"Obviously, graphics have improved, but as a team, we’ve been sitting down to look at the gameplay and what we can do with it to move Zelda forward," said Miyamoto.

The game has no solid release date, but Miyamoto and his team are aiming for a 2010 launch. "I would like to say we hope to bring it to you next year. It may take a little longer," he said.

Miyamoto hinted that the game may also be unplayable without the new peripheral add-on, Wii MotionPlus, though this is partly dependent on how popular the motion-control-enhancement device becomes.

"Maybe you can think of Zelda while you’re playing with the swordfighting and archery in Wii Sports Resort," Miyamoto added.

"But some people think of Zelda as more of an RPG with simpler controls, so trying to think of a way to keep everyone happy is going to occupy me."

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