Child of Eden creator hints at hopes for spiritual sequel to Rez

Mizuguchi: Move and 3D ‘really interest me’

Addressing a gathered crowd at a special BAFTA Q&A event Q Qntertainment’s Tetsuya Mizuguchi revealed he is keen to work with both 3D display technology and PlayStation Move.

When asked by a member of the audience whether Child of Eden on the PS3 would support Move, Mizuguchi – after a long pause – said: "I’m really very interested in Move and 3D, but all I can say is ‘not yet’".

Mizuguchi was careful not say directly that he was planning to give Child of Eden 3D and Move support, but his comments seemed to hint that the functionality was under consideration – a sentiment later echoed at the London Kapow! Comic-Con over the weekend, as reported by IGN.

At Friday’s BAFTA event Mizuguchi also detailed the ‘unique process’ of Child of Eden’s creation, which started with a ‘fuzzy vision’ in the wake of completing Rez. Mizuguchi went on to pen a 40 page poem to clarify the metaphor Child of Eden attempts to deliver, before exploring many of the rhythm action game’s themes via performances with his band Genki Rockets.

Mizuguchi also said that while Kinect itself did not inspire the creation of child of Eden, UI systems in general were close to the game’s creative inception. He also revealed he would be interested to work crafting a ‘musical interactive toy’ in the same vein as Electroplankton, and admitted that at his debut interview with Sega as a young man, he accidently claimed the company had made the Famicom system; a fact that clearly didn’t interfere with his career with the company.

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