GTA studio avoiding portable devices

Mobile biz is too money-focused – Rockstar boss

The mobile platform is of no interest to Rockstar Games, co-boss Dan Houser has revealed.

“I think a lot of people in the general mobile industry are more focused on making money than making good products”, he said in an interview with Japanese games magazine Famitsu.

“I think we succeeded precisely because we didn’t concentrate on profit”, he continued.

Houser, the vice-president of creativity at Rockstar, said that the company is unique because it deliberately avoids the ideas of other developers, such as war-based first-person-shooters that dominate the current gaming charts.

He noted the increasing popularity of portable devices and admitted it was an important topic, but does not think mobile gaming will consume the console industry.

Summarising the Rockstar ideology, he said, "Our mobile strategy is not at all different from our console strategy. In other words, we don’t have one."

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