A team of former Gameloft and Activision developers have joined forces to open Massively Mobile, a new wireless games studio.

Mobile vets open new wireless games studio

While its team has worked on a variety of licenced or franchise console, mobile and web titles, the new company wants to pursue bringing new ideas and content to mobile games.

Specifically, the team has designs on bridging the gap between mobile and other platforms.

"For too long, the mobile platform has been treated as the red-headed stepchild of ‘real’ gaming,” explained Massively Mobile’s founding member and creative director, Demetri Detsaridis.

“What we’re excited about doing with Massively Mobile is breaking out of this pattern and starting to utilize the full potential of these ubiquitous networked devices. We consider mobile gaming not just an avenue to release miniature versions of console or PC games, but a viable part of a larger gaming ecosystem – one with its own tremendous strengths that differ from those of other platforms, but that can be used to complement them in some amazing ways."

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