New release also enchances curve and MechFusion tools

Modo 10.1 adds procedural modeling system

The Foundry has released version 10.1 of its 3D content creation software Modo, which adds a procedural modelling system to make life easier for artists.

Devs will be able to build “infinite variations” of their creations with procedural tools that can be defined by textures, falloffs or dynamically changing inputs. The system has also been tailored to help artists with animation, 3D text, and more.

A new procedural Curve Fill operation also makes it easier for devs to create curves, and Modo now offers B-splines as an alternative to Bézier curves.

The Foundry has also enhanced its MechFusion Boolean modelling toolset, giving devs better control of mesh topology and density for individual strips. Extended support for drag-and-drop editing and placement options makes it easier for users to position and fuse meshes.

You can find out more in the full release notes.

“With the development of Modo 10.1 we focused on our customers’ needs for increased flexibility, building new features that allow artists to easily create multiple variations and iterations,” said The Foundry’s chief product officer Andy Whitmore. 

“The introduction of a new procedural modeling framework that works alongside Modo’s direct modeling system and the award-winning MeshFusion Boolean tools makes it unique in the marketplace, and one of the most advanced 3D modeling applications available.”

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