Indies such as Vlambeer, Wolfire Games and Oxeye participating in 78-hour game jam for charity

Mojang begins Humble Bundle Mojam 2

Minecraft developer Mojang has begun its charity development game jam the Humble Bundle Mojam 2.

A number of indie studios have been tasked with developing games over the next 78 hours, throughout which people can donate as much as they want for the finished games.

All proceeds for the event will go to charities The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Block by Block.

As well as Mojang, indie developers such as Grapefrukt, Ludosity, Oxeye Game Studio, Vlambeer and Wolfire Games, with the latter two studios also developing through a livestream.

Although the event has just started, more than $16,000 has already been donated at the time of writing.

The highest contribution so far is from ‘WrapBootstrap’, who has pledged $1,256 to the game jam. The average purchase of the bundle currently stands at around $5.70, with Mac users proving the most generous.

Last year’s Mojam raised an impressive $450,000 from 80,000 contributors.

You can view the live stream here.

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