Minecraft developers to make game for charity in 60 hours

Mojang partners with Humble Bundle

Those who’ve dreamed of a real time strategy dating sim set in a post apocalyptic candyland may get their wish.

Mojang, the development studio founded by Marcus ‘Notch’ Persson, has partnered with Humble Bundle in a 60 hour game jam for charity.

The studio will battle the clock to build a game of a genre and theme determined by voters on its website.

The options receiving the highest and lowest votes in each category will be combined for a genre-bending bit of charitable fun.

Genres include racing game, real time strategy, first person shooter, role playing, and ‘Peter Molyneux’. Themes range between WWII or post-apocalyptic, and candyland.

Those who contribute will receive a copy of the game, but there will be other incentives; if donations reach a certain level, Pocket Minecraft developer Aron Nieminen will "finally" create a twitter account.

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