GDC08: New features in first-party 360 title will widen game appeal and increase sales, says famed designer

Molyneux aims for casual players with Fable 2 co-op mode

Peter Molyneux has today unveiled the latest feature in his studio Lionhead’s upcoming Fable 2, revealing to GDC08 attendees that the game features co-operative play.

Speaking to Develop earlier this week, he explained that the decision came as bid to help widen the appeal of the RPG game.

He explained: "It’s to break down the barriers between ‘hardcore’ and ‘casual’ gamers. A lot of us gamers have partners now, but they don’t play the games that we play. Wouldn’t it be cool if Fable was one of those games that we could play together?"

Molyneux suggested that the new feature will help drive sales, as well: "There’s definitely a corrolation between great co-op and great sales, because if I can play with someone it makes a big difference."

Key co-op titles such as Crackdown, Halo 3 and Lego Star Wars have been scrutinised by the Lionhead team, he admitted, saying the ‘play with a friend’ dimension provided "a different way of playing a game". Lionhead has not yet confirmed, however if the co-operative play is local only or via Xbox Live.

For the full Q&A with Peter Molyneux, click here.

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