Social networks are transforming the platform, says Lionhead boss

Molyneux calls rebirth of PC gaming

MGS Europe Creative Director Peter Molyneux believes that the PC game sector has undergone radical changes due to games riding on the wave of social networks.

"The surprising thing about the PC, that is just starting to happen now, is that gaming is being reborn on the PC," said Molyneux in an interview with Switched.

The Lionhead creative director commented on the remarkable buzz that’s surrounding casual and social games.

“There’s this company called Zynga and they’ve made these Facebook games,” he said.

“88 million people play them, and everybody who’s making these big opus epics are jealous looking at these Zynga new kids on the block.

"It feels like everything that has evolved in gaming is all changing at the moment. It’s changing radically. We all want to suggest things to our friends, we want to involve our friends… there is a very interesting future there.

“Just the very fact that you can show off a little bit, in Farmville’s case you can show off your farm. I think there is a real rich future there and I don’t see why all types of games, from enormous triple-A blockbusters to the smallest ones can’t incorporate that level of interaction."


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