Unite 12: 22 Cans boss on how now is better than ever for start-ups and creativity

Molyneux: Games the last medium that can surprise

Renowned games designer and 22 Cans boss Peter Molyneux has claimed that games are the only entertainment medium left that can surprise.

He revealed he has lost faith in the likes of TV and cinema, leaving him optimistic that games can lead the way in the future of entertainment.

Speaking on stage at the Unite 12 Unity user conference, Molyneux also revealed his belief that in that context, and with tools like Unity making games development more accessible, now is a better time than ever for start-up studios.

"I’m bored of movies. I’m bored of TV shows," said Molyneux. "We’re in the last entertainment industry that truly can surprise people.

"In today’s world of mass-blandness we can make things that are unique that have never been seen before. We are the last that can do that."

The Populous and Fable creator went on to explain that this means he feels there has never been a better time to be a start-up working on creative games. With games development tools becoming more accessible, and new platforms and input devices offering small studios ‘huge opportunities’.

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