22cans boss 'has a plan' for next-gen console version, thinks Steam controller is 'interesting'

Molyneux: Godus on Vita ‘a possibility’

Peter Molyneux has told Develop that a PlayStation Vita version of his new title Godus could be in the cards.

Speaking to Develop at this month’s Casual Connect, the 22cans founder and development legend said that he hopes to bring Godus to as many consumers – and, by extension, platforms – as possible.

The title, which has been designed to "re-invent the god game genre" according to Molyneux, is currently in development for PC, smartphones and tablets – but its creator says it could come to any platform if the control scheme fits well.

"Godus is all about touching your world through our stroking mechanic," he told Develop. "Curiosity was all about tapping, and in Godus we have stroking, done via the touch screen. We get away with that on PC with the mouse, event though it’s not as nice, but it would be very hard to do for console.

"I think the Vita is a possibility because of both the front and rear touch inputs. Wii U is a possibility too, if you tweak that very clumsy device, but I find Wii U very awkward. I think the Steam Box controller with those dual touch pads is very interesting."

That’s not to say he has given up with the idea of bringing his latest title to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

"We’ve got a plan to do Godus on consoles, because if we do it well, I’d love to have the core gamers from the console market in the mix of the millions of people playing in this world," he said.

"One of my obsessions is getting casual people to play with core people, and Godus is designed for that. It’s designed to satisfy the core gamer as well as the casual gamer.

"There are virtually no games that I can play with my family because my son wants to play a core game, my wife wouldn’t know what to do with a core game and I kind of stand in the middle."

Check back for our full interview with Molyneux later this week.

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