STEAM school to educate children and aspiring developers in science, technology and engineering

Molyneux headlines as GameCity returns

The GameCity festival will return to Nottingham on October 20th, its organisers have announced.

The seventh annual event, designed to promote the industry and educate the public on games design, will see the likes of development icon Peter Molyneux headline at the event.

The 22Cans founder and former Lionhead boss will run a series of events over the course of a day to look at his time in the industry, as well as past and future projects, and share his inspirations for design.

GameCity, which this year will last for a week, will also feature a STEAM school, focusing on teaching subjects such as science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, and will be open to attendees of any age.

Partners for the program also include Crytek , Traveller’s Tales Games and Nottingham’s local education authority.

“The STEAM School is for parents, senior citizens, young kids, families and even students who want to get into the industry,” said GameCity director Iain Simons.

“I want to make it clear though, despite being part of a festival, this is a school and has all the things you’d demand from one. Assemblies, school photos, school trips, school dinners and – if the situation calls for it, we have a nit-nurse on hand.”

The event will take place between October 20th to 27th at various venues and public spaces around the Nottingham City Centre.

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