As Godus backlash continues, creator says his only choice is to retreat

Molyneux: ‘I’m done talking to the press’

The fallout from the recent Godus controversy has led to British development legend Peter Molyneux pledging to never talk to the press again.

Molyneux also says that he and his family have received threats, although it is not clear whether that is as a result of this week’s events.

“The only answer is for me to retreat,” he told The Guardian. “People get so frustrated with me, so much so that they’ve threatened me, they’ve threatened my family and it just cannot go on, it really can’t.

“I am so honoured to be a part of the games industry, but I understand that people are sick of hearing my voice and hearing my promises. I think honestly the only answer to this is for me to completely stop talking to the press.

“I think people are just sick of hearing from me. They’ve been sick of hearing from me for so many years now. You know, we’re done.”

Earlier this week a storm erupted around Molyneux and his studio 22cans. It began initially over the voicing of concerns that features promised as part of the Godus Kickstarter campaign will never be fulfilled.

However, the situation escalated significantly when it transpired that Scot Bryan Henderson, the winner of 22cans’ first title Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube?, has yet to receive his prize (a key role in Godus and a share of its profits) and, worse still, has been largely ostracised by the studio.

Molyneux also spoke about the repeated accusation that he makes promises he is unable to keep.

“I say these ideas so passionately, people think that these are hard and fast promises. I truly believe them when I say them, but as you know, sometimes they don’t come to pass,” he added. “They don’t come to pass because they’re too technically difficult, they don’t come to pass because maybe they don’t fit and people see this as being a promise”.

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