â??I don't think the first wave of these titles will be what you expectâ?

Molyneux: Motion control surge has devs in a sweat

MGS Europe Creative Director Peter Molyneux has commented on the industry’s rapid shift to motion control – lamenting that the uncharted tech is “making all the designers sweat”.

In an interview with Eurogamer, the Lionhead founder spoke of the steep learning curve developers face with designing games around unexplored interface systems.

“All of this stuff is making all the designers sweat,” he said.

“I’ve met lots of designers at GDC and we’re all very bleary eyed at the moment because every rule we’ve got, we’re having to throw away. We haven’t got buttons any more – we’ve got motions and arms legs and faces, and that really is tough.”

Molyneux went on to imply that first-generation products for both Natal and Move will not likely satisfy the devices’ potential.

“I don’t think the first wave of these motion control titles will be what you expect. Just as with every hardware chain, it’s the second wave where they usually come up with stuff that’s interesting. So the second wave could be really cool.”

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