"I had never done a Kickstarter campaign, Steam Early Access or mobile game before"

Molyneux on Godus: ‘I made some horrendous mistakes’

Godus creator Peter Molyneux has addressed some of the complaints about the troubled god game, admitting he made some "horrendous mistakes" on the project.

Complaints have flared up around Godus this week when Konrad Naszynski claimed the title would never achieve some of its Kickstarter promises, which were first laid out in 2012. 

Reports have also emerged that various members of the Godus team have been moved onto 22Cans’ next project, or left the studio entirely.

Shortly after the initial reports emerged, Molyneux and Naszynski both sat down to film a community update to address these problems, according to VG247. You can see the full footage below.

Responding to allegations that Molyneux was "blaming the community" for what has gone wrong with Godus, the designer instead accepted responsibility for the project’s failings.

"I don’t think the community can ever be blamed, because you know we need to appreciate all the range of comments, from the positive to the negative," he said. "I do, however, take the blame and put blame on my shoulders.

"There is a catalogue of things that I did badly and incorrectly because I had never done a Kickstarter campaign before, I had never released on Steam Early Access before, I had never done a mobile game before, and [on] all of these things I made some horrendous mistakes."

You can see the rest of the conversation below.


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