Molyneux wants fellow developers to test his next game

Famed developer Peter Molyneux is calling on his peers to test his next game.

Speaking at last night’s Guildford G3 Expo the 22cans founder suggested various ways in which the community could collaborate, and is even putting his next project out there as a guinea pig.

"One of the biggest challenges we have in development is assessing our own gamesm," he told attendees. "Why don’t we have an invite list for people to play the games that we’re working on? Why don’t we all be honest with each other’s games before they’re released? Because I know my games would be a quantum times better if they had experienced eyes looking at them.

"We’re not competitors, really. There’s seven billion people in the world – surely we don’t have to worry about competition. I’m going to propose that within the next two months, the game that I’m working on, we’ll use as the first sample for this beta list."

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