Studio not interested in financial gain or huge audiences as it prepares to launch debut VR title Land’s End

Monument Valley dev Ustwo wants to ‘lead VR innovation’

Ustwo Games is about to release its first virtual reality title, and the studio is keen to be one of the developers that helps to define how titles for the new technology are created.

The new title, Land’s End, is an exploration game with simple controls and a focus on solving puzzles at a relaxed pace to ensure gamers are comfortable.

It will be released for Gear VR, the first commercially available virtual reality device, next month. 

While VR dev kits have been available for a few years now, the industry as a whole is still finding its feet when it comes to best practises for developing virtual reality experiences. Ustwo is confident it can help define some of those practices.

“We want to be leaders in that innovation,” lead designer Ken Wong told Polygon.

Another studio spokesperson added: “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity really, to be able to influence the development of a new medium. 

“Whether we succeeded or not will be reflected not so much in total numbers but in how many people who have a Gear VR have played the game. Or more importantly, how many people who know someone who had a Gear VR have played the game.”

The studio added that its motivations for developing Land’s End “are not financial”, emphasising the team’s interest in exploring the possibilities of virtual reality.

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