Canadian studio XGen to make games for Nintendo's downloadable platform

More studio support for Wii Ware

Another studio has proclaimed its support for Nintendo’s upcoming WiiWare games platform, with Canada’s XGen gaining approved Nintendo developer status and the commencement of a new title for the service.

XGen is very familiar with games for a casual audience, having developed games for ‘s Pogo Network, MTV, Miniclip, and Channel4. It’s WiiWare title is based on an existing game the team has built, but using the Wiimote.

Said Skye Boyes, president, XGen Studios: "We’re taking advantage of the creative freedom afforded by WiiWare to bring fans a captivating co-op game, with great competitive elements and irresistibly charming art direction."

"We can’t wait to show fans what we’re building," added Jordan Dubuc, director of operations for XGen Studios. "The jump-in, jump-out casual style appeals to a broad audience for both quick and extended play sessions."

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