Special royalty rate now on offer; New targets set

More than 100 devs sign up to IndieCity

IndieCity is now offering development partners a 90 per cent revenue cut from their published projects, having successfully accrued more than 100 games on the new PC games platform.

Late in November, IndieCity opened to the public with a challenge for game creators – if more than 100 games were published on the platform before a deadline, the top dev royalty rate would climb from 85 to 90 per cent for a single month.

The initial deadline was December 31st, though that was extended by a month because IndieCity’s had missed its target by about 40 games.

“Now that we’ve got over 100 games on the Store, we’ve opened up the next tier of the Challenge, which is for 250 games,” said IndieCity’s operator Blitz Games Studios.

“We’ve set the deadline to Friday 13th April, which gives you guys the Easter weekend to finalise everything, and then CAP testers have a few days after that to get everything approved.

“However, we really do encourage you to submit your games as early as possible, for a couple of key reasons.”

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