NetherRealm looking at different platforms and genres, but not ruling out return to hit fighter

Mortal Kombat dev ‘looking beyond franchise’

Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm is looking to diversify the away from the beat ‘em up franchise, says the studio’s creative director.

Speaking to Gamespot, Ed Boon said that the US studio is looking to work on multiple formats and in different genres, but admitted it was likely the developer would return to the Mortal Kombat franchise at some point in the future given its recent success on PS3 and Xbox 360.

“If this last one sold over three million and counting, there’s a certain amount of assumption that we’d consider doing another Mortal Kombat game,” said Boon.

“But at the same time, we want our studio to do more than just make Mortal Kombat games. We love making them but we also want to do different types of games. Different genres, different IPs.”

The US developer recently released Batman: Arkham City Lockdown on iOS and Boon revealed that the company would like to continue in that direction.

“The Batman iOS game was kind of like us dipping our foot into that whole different types of games to do. We’re going to continue in that direction, but I would be surprised if we never did another Mortal Kombat game again.”

He added that 2012 would “without a doubt” be a year of diversification for NetherRealm.

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