GDC 2014: Extreme Reality also releases design tool SuperPose to ease integration of new poses

Motion control SDK Extreme Motion comes to Android

Full body motion control SDK Extreme Motion has been released on Android.

The tech is designed to enable players to use the camera on their phone to track their body movements, with gestures acting as a control input, somewhat similar to how Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral works.

Extreme Motion is already available on Windows and iOS. The tool can be licenced through a revenue share agreement.

Games that have previously harnessed the motion tracking tech include Sega’s Go Dance, Side-Kick’s Top Smash Tennis and Indie Hero’s ShadowBoxer.

Creator Extreme Reality has also released a new design tool called SuperPose to make the process of designing and integrating new poses and motions into a game faster.

“With this release of the Android SDK, Extreme Motion is now available to all of the major operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows, and the hundreds of different devices on these platforms,” said Extreme Reality CEO Sarit Firon.

“Motion games and apps can now reach almost anyone using a tablet, smartphone or PC, as well as Android consoles and smart TVs.”

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