Unopposed motion comes as twist ending to iPhone suit

Motorola moves to dismiss its lawsuit against Apple

Today Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility’s patent suit against Apple came to a surprising close, with the plaintiff moving the suit be terminated without prejudice.

The text of the motion states no settlement has been reached, and that Apple does not oppose the motion.

The suit was filed in August a week prior to the Apple Vs. Samsung jury decision that awarded $1.05 billion dollars to the iPhone Manufacturer.

The closure of the suit is quite a shock to those following the case, as usually such a motion is filed after settlement and with prejudice, meaning the same issues cannot be brought to court again.

According to Foss Patents, Motorola had been having trouble tracking down some of the documentation for the patents at contest, and with a new judge being appointed that "doesn’t make things easy for complainants," it seems the company decided to cut their losses.

Other issues are also at play, including the ITC investigations for the respective patents, and also the larger scale warfare between tech giants Apple and Google.

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