MP Keith Vaz welcomes Byron Review

MP Keith Vaz has released a statement to the press welcoming the proposals within the Byron Review – but in doing so he suggests once again that Rockstar title Manhunt was linked to the murder of Stefan Pakeerah in 2004.

The statement reads: Mr Vaz first became involved in the issue when his constituent – 14 year-old Stefan Pakeerah – was murdered by 17 year-old Warren LeBlanc who was imitating scenes from the violent computer game Manhunt in 2004.”

Mr Vaz called for this game and its follow-up Manhunt 2 to be banned based on compelling evidence that such games had a direct impact on the actions of this man.”

Despite what Vaz suggests, Manhunt was judged to have played no part in the 2004 murder case – but nevertheless he adds: Who knows what may have happened if these proposals were in place just prior to Stefan Pakeerah’s death.”

Today Vaz tabled an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons which said: That this House warmly welcomes the publication of Tanya Byron’s report Safe Children in a Digital World; notes that it accepts that violent video games do have an affect on children and therefore their availability to children need to be properly controlled; considers that it is only through a partnership between parents, retailers and the video games industry that these issues can be addressed and calls on the Government to implement the recommendations in full and immediately.”

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