Game servers to shut down over the coming months

Namco High developer ShiftyLook closing

Namco High developer ShiftyLook is set to shut down this month, the studio has announced.

The company, formed in 2011, had been tasked with breathing new life into old Namco Bandai game characters across a number of media forms, including web comics, animation, games and merchandise.

In a statement on the official website, it said having helped bring back characters such as Wonder Momo and Bravoman, its work had now finished and the studio would now close down.

After March 30th, Bravoman: Binja Bash! will no longer be available to download on app stores, and in-app purchases will be ceased two weeks prior on March 16th.

Namco High servers meanwhile will shut down on June 30th. The ShiftyLook website itself will close on September 30th.

The upcoming Wonder Momo game is still set to be released as planned, as will a number of related books, toys and clothing.

"While we are melancholy about ShiftyLook as an overall project going away, Wonder Momo, our star franchise, has some exciting things happening for it," read a statement.

"WayForward Technologies, lord of the platformer gaming universe, is making their most ambitious game yet in Wonder Momo."

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