Space agency increases in roads to games industry with free Space Flight pack conceived for game jammers

NASA debuts on Unity Asset Store

Space agency NASA has published its first resources in the Unity Asset Store, demonstrating the operation’s continued interest in the games development sector.

The NASA Space Flight Assets bundle – available free of charge – have been made available as part of the Darkside of the Jam game jam. The recent event saw NASA host a game jam at several of its locations with a view to to promote interest in science, space, and particularly the science of outer space.

While the jam has now closed with some 30 games uploaded to the event’s website, the assets remain available to download.

NASA is also sending representatives to speak at GDC this year, with a view to expanding the contact and overlap between the games development and space exploration industries.

NASA’s ‘We Are the Space Invaders’ session at GDC this month will see the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Jeff Norris and Victor Luo help developers discover the changing role of games in NASA missions, and explore how the sectors can leverage shared interests to create more partnerships.

The NASA Space Flight Assets bundle contains numerous 3D models and assets based around their iconic space travel technology.

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