While Kotick foresees a console-free future, RedOctane is interested in the 360â??s upcoming add-on

Natal integration â??likelyâ?? for Guitar Hero

Future Guitar Hero games will likely include Natal compatibility, says the co-founder of RedOctane.

Kai Huang spoke of his interest in Microsoft’s upcoming motion-sensing device, stating that it can be applied in many ways.

“[There are] different things you can do with it, whether it’s the motion detecting, maybe sensing how you’re playing, or the ability to use it for interactivity purposes and taking advantage of it for party purposes,” Huang told DigitalSpy.

“I think the technology is very exciting, we’re evaluating it, and I think it’s likely that sometime in the future we’ll have those technologies integrated into our games," he added.

The news follows Massachusetts-based developer Harmonix dropping hints that it too will be considering Natal integration for future Rock Band titles.

Huang’s outlook for Guitar Hero is not entirely in sync with Activision’s, however.

Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has stated that his firm is looking into the possibility of releasing a new Guitar Hero SKU that can be played directly through the TV without the need to be connected to a console, and thus, without a Natal add-on.

Elsewhere in Huang’s interview, the company president reveals that many publishers told RedOctane that music games “won’t sell”.

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