Will be helping tabletop and video games make a bigger splash on the platform

Nate Murray joins Indiegogo as head of games

Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo has hired Nate Murray as its new head of gaming.

Murray moves from the position of in-house product and crowdfunding campaign manager at the tabletop game provider IDW Games, so is already familiar with the ins and outs of crowdfunding, although this new role at the indie-focussed crowdfunding outlet will involve leading Indiegogo’s game team and also working with developers on making sure their crowdfunding is as successful as it can be, assisting with strategies and

In a canned statement, Murray said "I’ve spent the last four years studying the ins-and-outs of crowdfunding and based on that work I can say that Indiegogo provides unparalleled resources and opportunities for game campaigners."

"I’m excited to join the Indiegogo team because the platform is designed to help campaigners raise the funds they need to create their ideas, as well as assist them beyond their campaign dates. Indiegogo is part of the entire process of bringing campaigners projects to life from concept to manufacturing and ultimately to market."

For the role, Murray will be adding video game crowdfunding to his remit for the first time, and joining Indiegogo shortly after they’ve entered a partnership that allows it to offer equity crowdfunding, which will allow project creators to offer financial rewards in exchange for cash instead of just physical or digital rewards.

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