Gamescomâ??09: Uncharted 2 developer keen to take the series to PS3

Naughty Dog awaits PS3 Jak project

Californian development studio Naughty Dog hopes Sony will greenlight a new Jak and Daxter project.

When asked by Eurogamer if the studio is working on a PS3 edition of the longstanding series, community manager Arne Meyer replied,

“We definitely hear a lot from our Jak fans and we’d love to be able to be working on a new Jak product at some point. That might be on the cards.”

Many are convinced it is an inevitability that the Sony-owned studio is going to develop a Jak and Daxter game for the PS3. Meyer said that the studio is interested in doing so.

The Uncharted 2 developer has made five Jak and Daxter games for PS2 and PSP, while a separate team is currently working on a sixth edition for PS2, set for release later in the year.

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