Plugin for Unreal due for release through Unity by the end of the year

NeoFur for Unity enters beta

Neoglyphic Entertainment has launched an open beta version of its NeoFur plugin for Unity.

The real-time fur-and-fiber technology is already available for Unreal Engine 4, where it has earned its creator an Unreal Dev Grant from Epic Games to help continue its development.

The technology is now in the works for Unity, with a full release planned for this autumn. It enables devs and animators to create fuzzy and fibrous surfaces, whether part of the landscape, a character or an object.

NeoFur uses shell-rendering techniques to create the illusion of millions of fur strands. It can be used for PC, mobile games, VR platforms and consoles Xbox One and PS4. 

There will be some “necessary differences” between the Unity and Unreal versions, but Neoglyphic promises “the entire solution will remain ground-breaking”.

“We look forward to making NeoFur available to studios of any size working with both small and large budgets using the Unity game engine,” said Carlos Montero, Neoglyphic’s technical art director. 

“NeoFur’s solution saves Unity developers time and money while providing breathtaking, believable fur and shag results. We invite developers to experience NeoFur and participate in the open beta via sign-ups on the Neoglyphic Entertainment web site.”

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