SIGGRAPH 07: Low cost sculpting/modelling hybrid tool majors in displacement painting

Nevercenter launches Silo 2.0

Nevercentre has released version 2.0 of its powerful low-cost modelling and 3D sculpting application Silo.

The update represents a "core rewrite" of the project, with every aspect of the original version having been examined and refined for future expandability. Chief among the many new features is brush-based displacement painting, enabling high-detail surface sculpting within the existing subdivision surface framework. Also added for version 2 is a full UV unwrapping solution.

Explaining the benefits of integrated displacement painting tools, John Plewe, director of development for Nevercenter said:"Artists can switch back and forth between brushes and traditional tools at will, and Silo preserves all displacement data which isn’t directly affected by a change to the topology.

"Preserving displacement data is critical if an art director or client needs a significant change to the model. It also frees the brushes for use throughout the creative process. You can detail an eye before building the mouth, or keep a detailed ear on hand to attach to different models. You can also do things like use the Move brush to quickly adjust proportions on a low-poly model."

Tom Plewe, president of Nevercentre, added: "Everyone is waiting for the perfect modeling application which has the power and ease of brush-based displacement painting, but also all of the tools necessary to really build a usable polygonal model. Silo now presents the most complete marriage of displacement painting and traditional modeling available."

Silo 2.0 is available for Mac and PC, and can be obtained from Nevercentre’s website for $159.

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