TurboSquidâ??s new range of 3D characters internally tested for full Mixamo compatibility

New 3D models blend Mixamo animations

A new partnership between two dev tool firms is aiming to further simplify character model and animation duties.

3D character model provider TurboSquid has released a new library of models that are said to be fully compatible with stock animations provided by Mixamo.

Mixamo’s online-focused business allows developers to buy and download a comprehensive range of animations to use on most known 3D models.

While this service is useful to developers looking to speed up animation work, Mixamo’s range of motions is understandably not entirely compatible with all 3D models. But TurboSquid’s new catalogue of 3D characters has been internally tested to ensure that each model is fully compatible with Mixamo tech.

TurboSquid customers can apply Mixamo motions and view the outcome directly within the Mixamo interface, without uploading. Before making a purchase, users can apply and customise Mixamo animations to their chosen models.

"The combination of high-quality, certified TurboSquid models and Mixamo animations provides users with a powerful and easy way to develop first-rate characters in motion," says Stefano Corazza, co-founder and CTO of Mixamo.

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