Artificial Technologyâ??s latest EKI tech adds online game functionality

New â??emotional AIâ?? tech to vivify MMO NPCs

Following its latest round of venture capital funding, ‘emotional AI’ group Artificial Technology is set to release the latest ‘online’ edition of its EKI tech.

The Munich-based company’s new product, EKI One 2.0, claims to have successfully implemented online AI functionality to its suite of tools, specifically helpful for creators of MMOs.

Serein Pfeiffer, the group’s technical director, said that the new middleware “lets developers populate MMO worlds with thousands of computer-controlled characters without having to concern themselves with technical details such as distributing the system load for behaviour simulation.


Though adding this new online element, EKI One 2.0 will consist of elements found in previous models; the EKI Engine, the EKI One Configurator and EKI One Support.

"True to our vision of ‘bringing bytes to life’, now nothing stands in the way of the creation of authentic virtual worlds," offered Artificial Technology CEO Frank Gwosdz.

Picture; World of Warcraft’s Spirit Healer, used for illustrative purposes

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