Image Metricsâ?? latest technology in use at the Washington-based studio

New Bungie game uses â??Hollywood-grade animationâ??

Globally renowned developer Bungie will be using new facial animation technology to bring “believable, character-driven performances” to its upcoming mystery project.

Last month the studio sent shockwaves across the industry in announcing a landmark multi-platform, ten-year publishing partnership with Activision Blizzard.

The developer is now unwinding ten years of work on the Halo franchise – the final project being Halo Reach – and has already invested time and money in its next title.

It has since emerged that the new project will use the latest facial animation technology developed by key tools provider Image Metrics. It was previously thought that the technology – called Faceware – was going to be specifically used for Halo Reach.

When announcing the deal back in March, Bungie creative director Marcus Lehto said “creating realistic facial animation is a critical component to bringing believable, character-driven performances to life for our next studio project.”

He added: “Faceware lets us raise our extremely high quality bar and maintain the ultra fast turnaround times and animator efficiency we need without impacting our existing pipeline. No other tool gives us this level of flexibility and control.”

Much of Bungie’s next project remains unknown. Bungie previously emphasised that the group is working on a game that will be available on multiple consoles and devices – hinting that a mobile or socnet edition will be released.

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