Contributors eligible to receive dividends if game makes profit

New crowdfunding platform Gambitious goes live

A new crowdfunding platform specifically targeted at the games industry has launched today.

Called Gambitious, the service allows developers and publishers to try and secure funding for a new or existing project.

Unlike the hugely popular Kickstarter, one key difference is that contributors of successfully funded projects will be eligible to receive dividends based on their investment.

It is this difference however that means Gambitious will only be fully available in the European Union, as equity-based crowdfunding is not yet legal in the US, although donations and pre-sales can still be made.

US developers and consumers are expected to be able to begin fully using the service in early 2013 once the JOBS Act passes into legislation.

To submit a game to the platform, developers must submit a detailed business and marketing plan to prove the viability of the project.

"Crowdfunding is causing a great seismic shift in how projects get funded, however, there are risks of crash-and-burn due to unfulfilled projects and unfinished games," said Gambitious CEO Paul Hanraets.

"Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Gambitious is designed specifically for the video game industry and ups the ante of developer credibility, investor engagement and development cycle understanding."

Gambitious co-founder Mike Wilson added: "It is time to move from the wild, wild, west of crowdfunding to a more professional model.

"Crowdfunding is the best thing to happen to indies since shareware in the 90’s and Gambitious is a transformational way of funding the video game market – legitimising, protecting, and maximising the opportunity for all that want a stake in the game."

The first games on the service include Mushroom Men by Red Fly Studio, Cosmic DJ by Gl33k and Candy Kids by Abstraction Games.

Upcoming projects set to be introduced also include Earth No More by 3D Relams, Stronghold Crusaders 2 by Firefly Studios and Gamundo’s Pantzer Pets.

Visit the official Gambitious website for more information.

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