Gaming Minds Studios established with 15 developers from bankrupt Ascaron

New dev forms from Ascaron fallout

A number of developers laid off from bankrupt group Ascaron have formed a new studio in Germany, called Gaming Minds Studios.

Based in Gütersloh, Germany, the new outfit is owned by European publisher Kalypso Media.

In April, Kalypso acquired a "majority of licenses and assets" from Ascaron, at the same time announcing it was going to establish the new studio along with 15 developers who have experience working on the Sacred series (pictured).

“For Kalypso, this move is not just an expansion of our own studio capacities, but will also allow us greater independence in our games development,” said Stefan Marcinek, Global Managing Director for Kalypso Media Group.

“We currently have four new titles scheduled for release in 2010 which are being developed in our Munich and Gütersloh studios.”

It is not confirmed that Gaming Minds is working on a new Sacred title, as much as it is unclear if Kalypso had secured the Sacred IP from Ascaron. The team are currently working on another former Ascaron property:

“Fans are eagerly awaiting a sequel to The Patrician series, particularly in Europe and Germany,” added Marcinek. “By acquiring the original license and developers for The Patrician series we are delighted to be able to produce a worthy successor to this cult series and market it worldwide.”

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