Greenhouse to do 'what VCR and DVD did for indie films'

New digital distribution service for indies unveiled

The Greenhouse, a new digital distribution service for independent games, has been launched in beta form.

The platform is created as a joint venture between Penny Arcade and Hothead Games, who are currently working on an episodic RPG together. The service is operated by Greenhouse Interactive, a new company established in Hothead’s native Vancouver.

"There are so many great games out there that you don’t hear about," explained Penny Arcade’s Robert Khoo.

"They’re too niche or too risky in terms of gameplay for the top publishers to be comfortable with distributing. We want the Greenhouse to be an alternative for these developers."

The service is said to ‘suppliment’ other digital distribution services such as Valve’s Steam and Turner’s GameTap, both of which already offer a range of independent games through their services.

"Digital distribution opens so many doors for independent game development, arguably just like the VCR and DVD players did for indie films," said Vlad Ceraldi, Hothead Games.

"We believe in the Greenhouse as an opportunity to support other indie developers and complement the platforms and services currently out there, ensuring that the environment for such development firmly takes root and continues to grow."

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